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The ZA, ZE, ZG and ZL series key ranges are only found in lever locks manufactured by Lowe & Fletcher. This means the keys are commonly used in safes, post boxes, mailboxes and secure metal cabinets. 

Technical Information

 Description  Entry  Combinations  Code Number
 ZA – 7 levers  Single Entry  1,800  ZA0001 – ZA1800
 ZE – 7 levers  Single Entry  1,800  ZE0001 – ZE1800 
 ZG – 7 levers  Single Entry  1,800  ZG0001 – ZG1800
 ZL – 7 levers  Single Entry  1,800  ZL0001 – ZL1800

Delivery Information

The ZA, ZE, ZG, ZL key series is manufactured to order, please contact us for a lead-time. If you want to order more than 20 keys, please contact us for a price.

Buy your ZA, ZE, ZG, ZL series replacement lever lock keys direct from the lock manufacturer

Established in 1889, Lowe & Fletcher design and manufacture quality locking systems and replacement keys for a broad range of customers.

Key prices bulk buy

Quantity Price per key
1 - 10 £2.95
11 - 20 £2.50

ZA, ZE, ZG, ZL Series Key Shape

ZA, ZE, ZG, ZL Series